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COPS@rail System

Active Traffic Signalization for Passively Protected Railway Crossings

The COPS@rail (Collision Preventing Safety System) consists of a set of vehicle detectors, a contrast board with the corresponding permanent traffic sign (regulatory sign 2102 or warning sign 1202) and yellow flashers to effectively alert traffic participants of an approaching level crossing.

In the event that a COPS@rail system is set up immediately before a junction, then the existing sign 1204 (St. Andrew's Cross) is modified to 2102-1 or 2102-2.

The customized COPS@rail system uses a one-stage alert method, the alert is activated when the traffic participant approaches a level crossing regardless of the presence of a train, warning the participant to proceed with caution when approaching a dangerous traffic section. The program algorithm of the COPS@rail system determines whether the participant is adjusting speed while approaching the level crossing. If a decrease is speed is not ascertained then the flashing frequency is increased, which adds emphasis to the warning about the approach to a dangerous site.

The system can be attached to an existing pole, which means lower investment costs.

Advantages of COPS@rail

  1.     - Light signals
  2.     - Various alert levels
  3.     - Green energy
  4.     - Reliability
  5.     - Wireless control of the system

More information on the COPS@rail warning system can be found in the document.